My Story

I grew up as the youngest of four in Queens, New York. When I was three years old, I pestered my mother for weeks until she finally gave in and bought all of us fire escape ladders for our rooms. Once the ladders were procured and stored safely under beds, my mom hoped she would never have to hear another word about fire safety from her precocious youngest. Unfortunately for her, I was a born emergency planner and once we had the necessary equipment, I was ready to start building and practicing our emergency evacuation plan. 

My propensity for risk management and problem-solving stayed with me through school, and ultimately, played a major role in my career choices.  In 2012, I gave up my private-sector gig as a commercial litigator and joined the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as an attorney. Two weeks into the job, Hurricane Sandy hit New York and confirmed for me that I had found my calling in emergency management. Another few years down the road, I took off my lawyer hat and became a manager within the Emergency Management Department of one of the largest hospital systems in NYC. After practicing emergency management in the healthcare sector for several years, I decided to launch Belfi Consulting as a way of sharing my unique skill set with clients across various industries. 


Throughout each of my career moves, in the background was my persistent love and passion for health and wellness. As my career in emergency management evolved, I slowly accumulated various wellness certifications on the side. Over time, I built a comprehensive wellness practice, which offered clients services in yoga, meditation, strength training, and health coaching. For years, I never saw how my two seemingly divergent career paths might come together, but the disasters of 2020 and 2021 changed that. 

As disaster after disaster struck over the past year and I watched local, state, and federal resources become stretched well beyond their limits, I realized just how critical it is for us as citizens to build resilience within our own homes and our communities. I realized that working with institutional clients on emergency preparedness without also addressing individual resilience was like building four walls of a house without pouring the foundation first. I also realized that this would be the intersecting point of my two passions because what could possibly bolster individual and community wellness more than resilience and preparedness for the unknown? 

I can't wait to see what's next down this road, and I am thrilled to have you traveling it with me.