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My Story

For most of my life, I felt like I was swimming against the tide. In school, in relationships, at work, heck, even in my physical body,  I told myself that life was hard, achieving my goals was hard, and I lacked the inherent "gifts" I believed others had. I thrashed against every wave. I was constantly exhausted, physically, emotionally, and psychologically, because my existence was steeped in struggle. It was only after I allowed myself to actually settle on what felt like the bottom of my life's ocean--steeped in student-loan debt, incurred for a law career that I hated, newly divorced, and with anxiety so severe that it was making me physically ill--that I considered the possibility that the way I was doing things might not be working. 

It was only at that point in my life that I got honest with myself and for the first time considered what I actually wanted out of life. With that simple question, with that tiny demonstration of compassion for myself, I slowly started to unburden my shoulders of the things that dragged me to the bottom in the first place. Little by little I watched myself rise. 


In finding my way back up to the light, I caught a current that lead me to reunite with my passion for wellness. I became a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a holistic health coach, and a meditation coach. That shift in my life's tide helped me find a way to apply my law degree in a context that made me feel like I was actually serving people and making difference i.e. in crisis and disaster management. Ten years later, I find myself buoyed by each of the experiences that helped me find my way back up to the surface with a newfound clarity of purpose. 

Merging my passion for wellness with my expertise in readiness and resilience, I have developed tools and teachings to help others reconnect to their abilities to stay afloat, to resurface after being submerged, and to ride the changing tides of life instead of fighting against them. Though the seas of our lives seem to be getting rougher, darker, and more unforgiving, the truth is that our collective experience of adversity has made us even better equipped to buoy ourselves and each other, to return to the surface and embrace the beauty of our buoyancy. 

I can't wait for you to join me in these waters.

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